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Kyusho Jitsu course

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I would like to congratulate Jeroen Blom, Daniel de Reus, Addie van Eeuwen, Maarten Kuiper, Wilmer Dubel, Ralph Spaans, Jeremy Couwenberg and Arnold Veldman with their 1st Kyu in Kyusho Jitsu after an intensive 3-day course in the Netherlands

After a tough grading Alex Horner received his 2nd Kyu in Aikido and Damian Benwell his 3rd Kyu in Aikido.
Both, together with other members are training hard to prepare themselves for summer school in August.
Both well done and congratulations.
Alex also ghraded for his 4th Kyu in Aiki Jujitsu. Well done for this too Alex

I would like to congratulate Alex Horner, Damian Benwell, Paul Wilson
and Michaeld Beavis with their 1st Kyus in Kyusho Jitsu after a 3 day Kyusho Jitsu course.

Kyusho Jitsu course Holland February 2011