Club Times

Our Dojo is at Stoke Damerel Parish Centre. Address Paradise Road, Stoke, Plymouth PL1 5QL. The community centre is behind the church

Kyusho Jitsu/Dim Mak is taught in all classes where John teaches as John is the only qualified Dim Mak and Kyusho Jitsu instructor.

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Dojo Etiquette

Entering the Dojo

Have your keikogi on and obi(belt) tied properly. Just inside the door perform a bow towards the Shomen or picture of O-Sensei or Sokaku Takeda. Go to the corner of the tatami and perform a kneeling bow, again towards the Shomen.

Starting the class

All bow with Sensei towards the Shomen, then return Sensei's bow saying "Onegaishimasu". Follow his lead during warming-up exercises.

During the class

Perform a standing bow to your partner both before and at the end of a period of practise. If the Sensei should teach you and your partner individually it is proper to perform a bow afterwards. While the Sensei is working with your partner kneel on the tatami. Make sure your keikogi remains tied properly during practise and that you remain adequately covered.

Coming late/Leaving early

Wait before entering or leaving the dojo until the Sensei is not demonstrating. Wait at the side of the tatami to ask Sensei's permission to come on the tatami. Perform the proper kneeling bow when coming onto or leaving the tatami. If leaving early, ask Sensei's permission first.

End of the lesson

Follow the lead as for 'starting the class' but when returning the Sensei's bow say "Domo Arigato Gozaimashita". Allow the Sensei to leave the mat first - and thank your partners.