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Kyusho Jitsu course comments

Have just finished my Kyushu Jitsu course and achieved my 1st kyu (brown belt).
May I congratulate my sensei John Piket in providing us with a truly well planned course of which will help me develop my chosen martial arts of Aikido and Aikijujitsu. Along with Kyushu Jitsu / Dim Mak. We at Budo Musashi Plymouth are so privileged to have a chief instructor with such a vast knowledge and lifetime experience in pressure point fighting which we are able to incorporate with our regular training programme.
We can all grab a book and educate ourselves to a certain extent; however this course has been hands on practical and explained in full depth with a vast provision of technical guidance in the form of course notes from the club website only available to course students.
Most martial arts incorporate a K/O. But do they really know what has happened to their opponent’s body to cause this? Do they know how to restore their opponent after they knock them out, avoiding serious injury or even death?
These questions and answers are all covered on this course. I personally have experienced unconsciousness from a knock out where sensei Piket has had to provide immediate first hand restoration on me, so nobody can say I don’t know what the experience consists of.
The course is arranged in a manner we can all continuously carry on learning. This is just the beginning for all of us who attended the course, we must now incorporate the course with our every day training, if it’s a contact martial art you study, then this course is a must. This course is very intense and cannot be digested overnight. It’s a platform for those who wish to be serious about the martial art of their choice.
I can only speak from my own personal experience of the course but I am sure everyone else on the course will share my enthusiasm in commending sensei Piket and look forward to the studying of the shodan course which is planned next year, which I have already forwarded my wish to attend.
I now have the foundation to build on my understanding of Kyushu Jitsu / Dim Mak. I have travelled across Europe on seminars with sensei Piket so I had an added advantage of experiencing this art first hand but the course has given a greater understanding which I so much needed to broaden my horizons.
Thank you sensei Piket for providing the platform I needed for the 1 second fight Kyushu Jitsu.

From your ever grateful student Alex Horner

Kyusho Jitsu course comments

A fantastic course, a real insight into how the whole human body works. John put the course together very well with his usual professional appraoch, felt very save training under him in an art that is, mand could of been very dangerous if not taught correctly.
I really enjoyed the course and it was a good balance between the theory and the practical.

Thanks John and thanks to all who took part.

Damian Benwell