The purpose of this course is to provide a well explained and safe way to introduce the use of
pressure points in martial arts and/or self-defence.
Kyusho Jitsu is a modern Japanese name, given by Hohan Soken to a system which was developed in
the 13th century in China, based on the theory acupuncture and the energetic approach of Chi Gung.
It is all based on the Eastern approach of energy through the meridians, Yin and Yang, the Five
Elements, etc…
But also the Western approach has an explanation which we mostly find in how the nervous system
The difference between Kyusho Jitsu and Dim Mak is mainly in the energetic way pressure points are
activated by mainly using kinetic energy Fa Jin which originates from Chi Gung.
Both aspects will be explained in the basic courseThis is a three day course
Course follow as soon as possible.

For the Netherlands, contact Jeroen Blom at Budowazasport.

16 and 17 March seminar in Germany

This weekend John will be teaching a variety of martial arts seminar near Dusseldorf in Germany.
Host is Uwe Hasselbein and Volker Regh.

28th-30th June, Julianadorp, Holland

A variety of martial arts will be taught during this weekend. This is a well organised seminar which start on the Friday and ends on the Sunday.
Martial arts like Ju Jitsu, Krav Maga, Escrima, Jeet Kun Do, Aiki Jujitsu etc will be taught to participants.
The weekend will end with a BBQ on the Sunday evening.
Program will be soon available

17th-23rd August Aikido Summer school Wales

Aikido summer school with Shihan Gwynne Jones. 4 hours of training everyday with guest instructors as well. Summer school start 20th August and finishes 27th August.


12th - 13th October Hohenlockstedt, Germany

This yearly event is hosted by Norbert Domros, 10th Dan Ju Jitsu.
Instructors are Norbert himself, Chad Foster and John Piket.
On the Friday night, after training, we will have a meal at the local Greek restaurant.
This is a very social weekend as well.