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The tanjo, (also tambo or tanbo ) is a short staff weapon used in Okinawa and feudal Japan.

Today the tanjo is used by various martial arts schools.


The tanjo is used in several martial arts including: jujutsu, aikido, kobudo, hapkido, yoseikan budo, Cuong Nhu and escrima.

Tanjo are swung using the elbow and shoulder, or manipulated with the wrist. Many of the motions are similar to sword strokes. The tanjo can be deadly in skilled hands. The main use is to attack the outer edges of the human bones with speed and accuracy. Applying this concept, virtually every part of the target can be hit with this weapon.


In order to use this weapon effectively, the opponent may be imagined as a 2-dimensional object standing in front of you, and your objective is to strike various targets (i.e. the top and back of the head, collarbone, hands, elbows, ribs, hip, kneecaps, and calves).

Of course, soft tissues can be targeted, you can then aim at the abdomen, throat, eyes, thighs and groin.

The tanjo can also be used for thrusting, checks or deflections, pummeling the enemy (with the ends), blocking strikes (while holding both ends), joint locks, chokes and parrying various sorts of attacks. Speed, distance, accuracy, timing and control are the key components in the successful use of this weapon.


It also can be used against swords.