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John Piket

Aiki Jujitsu
Ju Jitsu
John Piket Dojo Cho

Dojo Cho

Kyusho Jitsu

Another Kyusho Jitsu course will be planned  this year 2024 in Plymouth. This due to some people interested couldn't make the last one.

Budo Society Musashi welcomes you  to our website

Budo Society Musashi was founded in the Netherlands in 1990. The club is runned by John Piket.
In 2003 John moved to England due to his work as an Exchange Officer in the Royal Navy. In 2004 he started with Budo Society Musashi in the UK at HMS Collingwood in Fareham. After he retired from the Navy, he moved the club to Plymouth.
A variety of martial arts is being taught within the club. John currently holds a 8th degree Black Belt in Aiki Jujitsu,
8th degree Black Belt in Ju Jitsu,

5th degree Black Belt in Aikido

and is  Master Instructor in Kyusho Jitsu and Dim Mak.

Budo Society Musashi runs small classes, where everyone gets the attention they deserve.

Besides teaching in the UK, John regularly travels to Holland and Germany where he will teach during seminars, but also to teach courses in Kyusho Jitsu and Dim Mak.


Furthermore, since 2004, he has been teaching his martial arts to Royal Navy personnel and still teaches in in HMS Raleigh, HMS Drake and BRNC in Dartmouth.

He has been teaching Royal Navy police and police in Leiden, Netherlands.


Seoinage, Kokyunage, shoulder throw

Budo Society Musashi has a club in Germany, runned by Jazinta Jacobs, 4th Dan Aiki Jujitsu, 2nd Dan Aikido and 2nd Dan Kyusho Jitsu/Dim Mak. We have an International Kyusho Jitsu centre in Holland and two in Germany.

Budo Society Musashi is a member of the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society, British Aikido Board and member of the
 Martial Arts & Boxing Association, the BMABA.



We are taking on new students for
Aiki Jujitsu and Aikido.
Give us a call or email

Aiki Jujitsu

8th June
Pan Asian Seminar, Euskirchen

9th June
Aiki Jujitsu seminar, Euskirchen

 Aiki Jujitsu/Aikido seminar Plymouth

For info, email us

For more info, contact us by sending an email or give us a text through WhatsApp

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